A few words from the Artist

I  have been an Artist for almost 40 years. I am largely self-taught, but I have also taken great number of workshops, and college level courses over the years. I always thought practice was the best teacher. One of my teachers once said, “If you want to learn to paint,  go and do 2000 paintings.  Then you can begin.”   I am still working on that number. I recently retired from a full time position with a large communications company and I am ready to pursue my longtime passion for creating pictures, on a full time basis.
I like to work in many mediums;
Oil, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, and Digital Images are my favorites, although I love to experiment also. I like to explore a great many subjects, I have said that "I would paint or draw anything that isn’t moving, too fast anyway!! "I lived in the Jackson, Wyoming area for 15 years, in that area of the world it is hard for an artist not to love, and paint the landscape. Plein-Aire painting is one of my favorite activities. As is camping, rafting, backpacking, X-C skiing, and other outdoor activities. I sometimes take a break from painting, for some fly fishing, as relaxation, and perhaps dinner.
I have never seemed satisfied to settle on one favorite subject. I like to vary my experience with attempts at almost everything I see, and imagine. I have, of course, completed hundreds, of the above mentioned landscapes. I have also put forth many attempts at wildlife in all forms, and still-life, imaginary subjects and portraits. I think that changing subjects, mediums and styles helps to keep my mind fresh and excited about new endeavors.    Kenn doing another plein-aire painting


 I like to think of art as meditation.


   Plein-Aire Painting



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