KBGrafx  Studio

KBGrafx  Studio

KBGrafx , is about me attempting to supply the world with, or show, my  Paintings, Drawings, and a new cartoon series Koyaanisqatsi. The company is me,  Geopeto , trying to find homes for, or just to share, and allow others to enjoy the images I create.

Because I am an artist , I am,   therefore,  not much of a sales man. I would rather be painting than selling , so if you see anything you like , let me know.

I offer only original works. 

 Examples of my work can be seen in the Gallery section of my site, and at  Links , to other sites.

 I will entertain, or perhaps be entertained by, offers on any painting on this  website. I  appreciate your  interest and the time you spend looking at my paintings. Thank you, very much.

So, that................. was my sales pitch.  I hope you enjoy the site. 


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